All that is left of USS Oregon
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It just doesn't seem the scrap pile is a fitting end for any war ship. It would be ideal if all of the great ships could be kept for future generations to see and appreciate. The USS Olympia, (see link to Olympia below), is the only ship to remain from the time of the Spanish/American War. All that remains of USS Oregon is pictured below as it is displayed in Waterfront Park in Portland, Oregon. The Oregon Historical Society also displays her brass "Oregon" hull letters, a life ring, and a punch bowl set given to the captain, officers and crew by the citizens of Oregon. There is some question that the bow plaque (shown below) is the original one. The Navy department returned the plaque to the state. It was on display at the Salem, Oregon courthouse for several years, where it survived a fire. While the ship was a museum in Portland, an attempt to reinstall the plaque was made, but it did not fit, leaving some to question it's authenticity.
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As the great ship was being dismantled, some of the teak deck of "Oregon" was made into keepsake items such as this small gavel. When the ship was stripped to the main deck, the dismantling was stopped due to public out- cry. It was too late. An effort to rebuild the ship was mounted, but the Navy made her into an ammunition barge, packed her full of dynamite and towed what was left of Oregon to the Phillipines to serve in her 3rd war, WWII. We have 2 of these gavels in our collection. I took a small cut of teak off the end of one gavel and inlayed it into the model's deck to mark the spot where, in 1919, President Wilson stood on the deck of Oregon to review the Pacific Fleet. A commemorative plaque was installed to mark that spot, (shown below). The model of the Oregon has the teak from the deck of the real USS Oregon in her commemorative plaque to give her spirit. (shown at right)
Mr. Art Greisser donated this fantastic cast, water line toy of the USS Oregon to the modeling project. He included valuable photos as well.
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The USS Olympia
Oregon’s beautiful telegraph, the same one that was forced to, “All Ahead Full”, when the lookout on watch saw the Spanish fleet coming out of Havana harbor in 1896 and cried, “They’re coming out!”
Your Web Master’s hand on the same ship’s wheel that steered USS Oregon through the straits of Magellan, through the new, “Panama Canal and around the world.
USS Oregon’s Binnacle, Beautiful brass helm and Telegraph now on display on the Steam Tug “Portland” at Portland’s seawall, downtown Portland Oregon.
Oregon’s radio shack and other artifacts were bought by an Oregon man as she was being dismantled. The buyer was X Navy radio operator and moved the radio shack to his home near Portland and made it into a Ham shack. Pictured here also is her brig door, now used as a door to a wine cellar and a reassembled officer quarters all parts are from the Oregon.
Note, how the radio shack was protected, 4” thick steel walls.
Her stacks and main mast now on display in Portland Oregon.
Art work by Jack Lynnwood from the box lid of the Glenco, plastic model USS Oregon kit